NEW !! SNAP together in all directions for Fun, Fast, Creative Building!

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Supercharged Blocks

SNAPO are supercharged versions of traditional building blocks, because SNAPO offers exciting new 3D connective features for endless creative possibilities. SNAPO Blocks connect together on all 6 sides of a block rather than just top to bottom of traditional old style blocks.

Once connected, SNAPO are continuously moveable in relation to other connected blocks, because they can SLIDE and ROTATE as well. Now, for the first time, moveable block to block connections are possible with building blocks, allowing connected blocks, as well as full creations, to be adjusted infinitely through Sliding and Rotation

SNAPO adds a fun "Audible" component to building, because they make a unique attractive "Snap" sound every time they are connected (similar to the attraction of popping bubble wrap).

All parents want the best for their children. SNAPO toy blocks are both highly educational and lots of fun at the same time. SNAPO toy building Blocks can make a meaningful difference in your child's development. SNAPO teaches children to think like engineers at an early age. This New, Fun and Educational toy stimulates Creativity, Healthy Brain Development, and expands Spatial and Fine Motor skills.

SNAPO blocks are compatible with, and connect right onto, most name brand, old style toy blocks.