NEW !! SNAP together in all directions for Fun, Fast, Creative Building!

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See how to SNAP, SLIDE and ROTATE Snapo toy blocks for fast, fun creative building.

Where are the limits to your imagination?
Are there limits to your creativity and fun?
If No, let’s play with Snapo!

Quick start

photo 0

Place 2 Snapo blocks together and SNAP them.

SNAP them top to bottom. Did you hear the snap sound?

SNAP them side to side. Cool!

photo 1

SNAP them upside-down

This one needs a little more practice

Have a look at the photo and see if you can figure it out.


  1. Snap 2 Snapo blocks together sideways. 
  2. Now place them upside-down.
  3. Put 1 Snapo in the middle of the first 2 and … SNAP!
photo 2

Do you want more fun?

Well snap 2 or 3 Snapo blocks side to side making a line.

Now make another line.

Place both lines together and… SNAP! all of them at once!!

photo 3 photo 4

Hey! What about SLIDE?

This is, how to make wave-like surfaces and rounded shapes.

Have you already discovered that when you SNAP some Snapo blocks in a line, you can slide them slightly in different levels and get a rounded shape? We bet you have!

Which one of these did you get?

And if you want to make a solid base that prevents the blocks from sliding, just add base-plates at the bottom like this

photo 1
photo 2

And now let's ROTATE

Simple: Place one block on top of another and rotate!.

That means, you decide which toys you want to build and play with them!

Build what you want! Play with what you build!    Snapo... for creative kids!

Congratulations on a job well done! Enjoy the endless possiblities with Snapo!